At Loam, you’ll be doing more than just a job. This is our life’s work.

Loam is a growing start-up, with four labs in Australia and North America, and field sites right across the crop lands of each continent.

Working at Loam, you’ll be at the centre of cutting-edge research and development, from the lab, to our greenhouses, and out on the farm.

Every day at Loam is different. On Monday, we might be at our desks poring over the latest scientific papers, writing reports, or working on our game plan. By Wednesday, we could be in the lab conducting experiments, or tending to plants in our greenhouses. On Friday, we might be in a field of shoulder-high canola inspecting our trials. We give everyone the opportunity to get their boots on the ground and learn beyond their area of expertise.

While our work is fast-paced and dynamic, we also know how to have fun and support our colleagues. Loam is a family-friendly organisation, with a welcoming crew — we’re all big fans of birthday cakes and barbecues.

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Position Description

The Finance and Accounts Manager will be deeply engaged in the business ensuring the prosperity and impact delivery of Loam.

You will be at the centre of a small venture backed business, you will need to be comfortable in ambiguity and be good at drawing out structure from uncertainty. We are a fast growing start up; You will be working in a ‘hands on’ capacity as well as at a strategic level.  

Key Accountabilities include:

Managing the financial reporting for the organisation. This includes monthly financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, all statutory financial reporting, and drafting results and insights for the board.

  • Providing sound financial analysis and insights to enable critical business decisions.
  • Managing and overseeing the company’s financial and accounting systems including bookkeeping.
  • Managing and overseeing the taxation affairs of the organisation and liaising with external service providers.
  • Developing formal finance related policies and procedures and assisting with HR, and IT policies where appropriate.
  • Managing and overseeing the company’s banking arrangements.
  • Providing input for  information packs, and due diligence with investors. 
  • Overseeing accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax, payroll, financial and management accounting functions.
  • Risk management to ensure the business has a solid financial risk framework in place
  • Managing and tracking budget and accounting information including billing, and tax information.

The ideal candidate:

The right candidate is a unique mix of get up and go, ambition, and attention to detail. This is not your average finance job and the candidate will need to be willing to roll their sleeves up, jumping from the mundane to the extraordinary quickly. Attention to detail, strong  analytical skills, being an expert communicator, both written and verbal will be key. The candidate will  have a degree in accounting and or finance along with a passion for strategy and entrepreneurship.

In the role of Finance and Accounts Manager,  you will be supported by:

  • A custom upskilling program including formal and informal training
  • Regular one-on-one meetings with your manager and a close engagement with your team.
  • Engagement in cross-functional, cross-geographical teams.

As part of the Loam team you will be expected to;

  • Take accountability and pride in your work, while being an advocate for Loam.
  • Be a self-starter, but ask when uncertain.
  • Be open to feedback and committed to learning.
  • Be a proactive communicator — we want you to be able to articulate a problem or an idea in a manner that is clear, timely and constructive. We want to hear the good and the bad as they arise..
  • Treat your colleagues with unconditional respect and regard, while identifying areas where you can help others, or share your knowledge.
  • Take accountability for growing and progressing the organisation. This is our life’s work, Leave your mark. 


  • Fast-growing tech startup with many opportunities for capacity building and career development.
  • Role based in Orange or Sydney.
  • Work alongside leading scientists and innovators in an international organisation. 
  • Enjoy an inclusive and supportive culture, with a family-friendly attitude.
  • A competitive salary based on experience

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