Loam is deploying the full power of microbiology to address climate change

We focus on developing a deep understanding of the microbial world. Through harnessing the power of microbes, we can both address climate change and create value for agriculture.

Our technology

We looked to the earth for answers

Just under our feet, there’s a powerful universe that makes human life possible. This microbial ecosystem helps us grow our food, and is even the source of lifesaving medicine. Tiny soil microbes, like fungi and bacteria, also have the ability to store carbon in stable forms.

Our novel microbial collection

Our researchers delve into our diverse microbial library to develop new products, which are at the intersection of climate and agriculture. From deep bioinformatic analysis to extensive field testing, our microbiologists, research agronomists, geneticists, and soil scientists drive a rigorous product development process.

Plants and microbes working together

We have developed a microbial seed coating that supercharges a plant’s natural ability to store carbon in soil. This technology is designed to increase carbon within structures in the soil called micro-aggregates, increasing the amount of CO2 stored for the long-term. Loam’s products are backed by years of research and on-farm trials.

Good for the environment, good for farmers

Microbial soil sequestration promises to be one of the most elegant carbon removal solutions, as it is quick, globally-scalable and provides huge benefits for growers. A farmer coats their seeds with the microbial inoculum before sowing and the plants and the microbes work together to build carbon in the soil and keep it there. Building soil carbon in this way has additional benefits, such as increased soil health, nutrient-rich crops and higher yields, which boost the bottom line for growers and provide a path for generating high quality carbon offsets.

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